12.01.2016 10:38

Blast in Istanbul's Sultanahmet: '10 killed, 15 injured'

A blast erupted in Istanbul’s central Sultanahmet district and left 10 people killed, at least 15 injured, confirmed by the Istanbul Governorate, on Jan. 12.
While police officers accent on the possibility of a suicide bomb attack, the cause of the blast has not been identified so far. Footages showed lifeless bodies on the ground, at the scene.

The incident occured at around 10.20 a.m. at the Sultanahmet Square. Ambulances have been racing in and out, while police officers surrounded the touristic area. People were evacuated from the Sultanahmet Square and the region, despite ambulances, police officers and fire department vehicles.

The official Twitter account of the British Ambassador to Turkey posted a tweet expressing "concern" at reports of the Sultanahmet explosion.

"In touch with Turkish authorities. Thoughts with those injured. Nationalities of victims currently unknown," the tweet said.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of the Embassy of the United States in Ankara posted a tweet quoting U.S. Ambassador John Bass saying the U.S. is "closely following reports" on the explosion.

While a media blackout was imposed regarding the explosion, investigations into the cause of the explosion is ongoing.

Details will follow soon.
Taner Yener - Süleyman Kaya - Çağatay Kenarlı - Özkan Arslan - Enver Alas / Istanbul DHA